"I had an old fuel oil furnace that was costing me a fortune to heat my home winter after winter. After working with Josh we have cut our heating bills almost in half with a new high effecieny unit and said good bye forever to fuel oil."

Luke B
Bloomington, MN



Quality products

Chosing a new heating & cooling system can be a daunting task. At Summit, we have a full spectrum of options fitting any application for your home.

We've carefully chosen to represent the major brands listed below. With Summit, you will have the best technology available as well as the most affordable solution for your home.

Unlike many HVAC businesses, we will not enter your home with the idea of selling you the most expensive equiment, rather, we'll offer you solutions based on your needs. Sometimes the most expensive equipment is the best option, other times less expensive equipment will do just fine. Whatever your needs are we take a relaxed, pressure free sales approach.

*Computerized load calculations to properly size your equipment

*Utility and tax rebates available

American Standard is a proven leader in home comfort technology. The AccuLink system offers the ultimate control of indoor humidity, temperature, fan speed, air quality, and ventilation. You will not find a more comfortable system on the market. The biggest reason we like American Standard is reliability. We have installed every brand available, and have our choice among all of the major brands. Nobody matches the reliability of American Standard.


Looking for the most effective air cleaner on the market? The American Standard AccuClean is 8X more effective than a HEPA style filter. In addition, there are no replacement filters to buy. The filter cells are simply rinsed with water.

Venmar AVS air exchangers are offered in a wide range of models to accommodate any size home or ventilation requirements. Breakthrough technology for exceptional performance; added value features and options allow units to be upgraded and/or customized to suit your needs. Whether you're fighting window condensation, or would like to improve your home's indoor air quality, Venmar air exchangers are your best choice.